Jehovah’s Witnesses reject blood transfusions.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have a non negotiable doctrine of their belief system to reject blood products. The origin of this dogma comes from their founding father Joseph Rutherford in the early 20th century.The consumption (eating) of blood was strictly forbidden under old testament law.

The Watchtower leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses saw fit to extend this prohibition over to their belief system.

They thought that the “end of the world” was coming back then (ca.1940) so there would never be much causality.

It is well into the 21st century,with the “end of the world” on hold,the Watchtower leaders have blood on their hands,with the deaths of innocent minor children.How would they account for this body count, if they repealed the ‘no blood ban’ now?

Many children have died since rejecting life saving blood transfusions. Why do they maintain adherence to this archaic creed at all cost?

UPDATE:The absurdity of the Watchtower rulings now allow any of the COMPONENTS of blood to be transfused, but not whole blood, and yet people are dying and lives and families are being ruined over a few old men in Brooklyn New York USA  who are always changing their minds on this matter.

Some educational links provided below:  Jehovah Witness blood policy reform site dissident site

(Jehovah’s Witnesses do use many products that are derived from blood banks {so called blood ‘fractions’} but they themselves won’t donate a drop)——–
Danny Haszard-lifelong 3rd generation Jehovah’s Witness
( For latest developments on JW child abuse pedophile cover up )


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